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Advising Automobile Dealers LLC


“Try walking across a river with an average depth of 3 feet and you will drown.
Using the multiples theory to value car dealerships makes less sense.
It epitomizes ‘the greater fool theory.’
If someone tells you it is that simple and you believe it, then you are the greater fool.” – John Pico

42 consecutive years
Over 1,000 transactions

Court Experience
As an Expert

  • Approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 10th Circuit, District of Colorado, pursuant to Rule 202 of the Bankruptcy Code, as “Consultant to Debtor” in sale of a new car automobile dealership;
  • Approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 9th Circuit, Northern District of California, pursuant to Rule 202 of the Bankruptcy Code, as “Consultant to Debtor” in sale of a new car automobile dealership;
  • Approved by the U.S. District Court, 8th Circuit, Wisconsin, as Arbitrator/ Appraiser in new car Dealership litigation;
  • Approved by the District Court of Colorado as “Expert Witness” in dealership valuation litigation;
  • Approved by the Superior Court of California as: “Consultant to Court Appointed Receiver” in check-kiting case;
  • Approved by the Superior Court of California as: “Expert Witness”, with respect to dealership valuations;
  • Approved by the Superior Court of California as: “Superior Court Mediator” in dealership/lender litigation.

    How to choose an advisor

    1. You have a legal duty to your shareholders to pick an advisor who will get the best price – buying or selling.
    2. A monkey can buy or sell a store; but, a monkey cannot get the best price.
    3. If our talent can get or save you only a million dollars more than the next guy, then you are up almost a million dollars. If we can get two million more, you put another $2 million in your pocket.
    4. Start with a Ben Franklin chart. Put our advantages on the left and our competitor’s on the right.
    5. At the end, ask yourself: “Which would I advise a friend to select?”

    Students of the industry for 42 consecutive years

    Book knowledge
    Street knowledge
    Common sense

    Over 1,000 successful transactions

    Five decades of Buy-Sells
    Five decades of Litigation Support
    Five decades of Dealership Analysis
    Five decades of Factory and Lender Negotiations

    Academic Contributions to the Industry

    Authored Books and Articles

  • Buying and Selling Automobile Dealerships
  • Investing in Automobile Dealerships
  • Valuing Automobile Dealerships
  • Operating Automobile Dealerships
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Negotiating the Deal
  • Advising Financially Troubled Dealerships
  • Terminating / Liquidating Dealerships
  • Public Dealership Groups

    Sample Speaking Engagements

  • Auto Lender’s Roundtables
  • AutoCPA Group Annual Meeting
  • Hastings College of Law
  • Stanford School of Law
  • California DMV (San Francisco)
  • San Mateo Trial Lawyers Association
  • Various 20-Groups

    TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

  • Guest Host, KCSM-TV’S “Justice Forum”
  • Guest, ABC’s Art Findlay Show, KGO Radio, San Francisco
  • Guest, ABC’S KGO-TV, San Francisco
  • Guest, KABL Radio Opinion
  • Producer – Ralph Nader – Congressman Leo Ryan Debate
  • The Kiplinger Letter
  • Automotive News
  • Wards Dealer Business – Crime and the Modern Dealership (Fraud and
  • Embezzlement)
  • The San Francisco Examiner
  • The San Mateo Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle

    * Pico’s writings have been published in seven languages.

    We focus on your dealership

    That is all we do. 24/7/365.
    We do not run other businesses.
    We do not advertise for listings to buy or sell dealerships.
    We are not looking to set a record for volume.
    We are not in a hurry to get a fee. When the deal is done, the fee will come.
    We are focused on doing the best job we can – on every deal.

    Why settle for less?

    We could make the difference – for you.

    © 2009 Advising Automobile Dealers LLC

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