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"The truly wise know that things are difficult and, therefore, meet with no difficulties."

"A car dealership is like a dinosaur. You put a bullet in its brain and it walks 5-miles before it falls over dead. There is so much cash flow in a dealership that I have seen some operate for over five years before anyone figured out they were broke." John Pico

We sell our knowledge and experience in the automotive field. Putting our company on your team could definitely make the difference between the success and failure of your transaction. Review our resumes, references and past experiences and decide for yourself.

People and businesses with good advisors generally win; those with poor ones generally lose. It is a fact older than the bible. Read why you should have an advisor.

If an investor in a car dealership makes a bad decision, the investor not only does not earn money, but usually loses money. What hurts more: not making a million dollars, or losing a million dollars?

Five decades of advising dealers
Over 1,000 completed automobile dealership projects
Over Five Billion Dollars in transactions

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